Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zbrush Elephant

My second Zbrush model is done! Note that it is also wrinkly. I think my next project should be to try making something smooth in Zbrush. Some things to note:
-The eye glows are painted in because I can't figure out how to make subtools have a different material
-I can't figure out how to export a render with an alpha channel. Zbrush has to be able to do this, right? RIGHT?
-The base mesh was made with Zspheres. The ears were probably the diciest part, as I had to make a long skinny "arm" with spheres and then use the Move brush to deform them into ear flaps. There's probably a better way of doing this. I need to experiment with Zbrush's topology tools.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First ZBrush Experiment!

Yeah, it's a wrinkled head. C'mon, it's my first one, what did you expect? There will be room for creativity later. Anyway, ZBrush is an amazingly cool program when it's not crashing or refusing to let you edit anything.

Use Vimeo

Ok, Vimeo rules. Compare: